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About XPG

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[About XPG
Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) is a brand by ADATA, providing high performance products for gamers, e-sport pros, and tech enthusiasts.

XPG works closely with the community and applies insight into consumer needs. Every XPG-branded product surpasses stringent ADATA A+ testing methodology, which ensures the highest standards for superior product stability and ultra-high performance. Not only does the XPG line sport solid technical features, its strength shines through with sheer cool designs that have earned prestigious accolades worldwide such as Good Design from Japan and Taiwan Excellence Gold Award.

XPG delivers extreme gaming experiences to help gamers make every moment exciting. For more details, please visit www.xpg.com .

XPG is for users who truly enjoy gaming, with an emphasis on supporting gamers worldwide, whether casual or professional

XPG is committed to providing the greatest gaming hardware and ensuring the best gaming experiences

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